Where we are

A few kilometers from Licata, in a vast area of great archaeological interest between the Valle of Salso, Mount Sant'Angelo with its ruins of the Hellenic castle and the archaeological excavations of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, on the beautiful stretch of Sicilian coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea towards Pantelleria and Lampedusa there is "La Sorgente", an old fascist installation (perhaps a Roman construction) for collecting spring and rainwater for the railway system and probably also for the construction of bricks of the ancient "Penna's Furnace".

At present, "La Sorgente" is a place where you can enjoy savory cookies, as well as you can find a small Campers area served by public transport lines, in a breathtaking setting, a site of particular underwater interest


Sea pools...

Thanks to human intervention, the erosive action of the sea has been reduced through the creation of an artificial barrier similar to a natural low reef, which is rich in life and interwoven with frequent openings: this has created small swimming pools, sea water ater is still free to flow without destroying the existing sandy legacy, a continuous interposition of small coves where even children can safely swim given the modest depth.


A lovely place

The architecture of this building due to its ancient births, together with elements of Sicilian culture and the long tradition of fishing, orchestrated with undoubted imagination of the property, has created a magical place worthy of Alice in the wonderland.


A love inspired cooking

Cooking is often referred to a "how to" manual according to predetermined rules: here it was decided to cook "inspired by love", with particular attention to the availability of excellent raw materials, using simplicity and imagination to exalt flavors and scents.


Flavors and scents

Day fish, parsley, basil, tomato, oregano capers and lemons all from this land, accompanied by local olive oil in a triumph of flavor exalted by the scent of the sea brought you by the breeze, find their counterweight in grilled meat in the most absolute simplicity, with aromas that blend in endless dance.


Room & Panorama

A comfortable room with private bathroom and clima control, perfect for couples


Camper park

In the parking area of the restaurant was created the Campers area: there are numerous partially shaded camping pitches, all equipped with electricity.

Toilet, cold showers and 1 hot water both are available. The facility also has available personal toiletries and dishwashers.

It is also possible to load fresh water and gray and waste exhaust.